Kayleigh Roberts
March 23, 2015 1:34 pm

Today might be National Puppy Day, but that doesn’t mean cats don’t still deserve some cuteness appreciation. Cats have a reputation for being a little fickle and guarded with their emotions, but what if they wore their feelings as openly as their canine counterparts? Have you ever wished you could see a cat look deliriously happy? Overcome with laughter? A little derpy with an open mouth? If you have you are in luck today.

One enterprising human decided to have some fun with his pet, drawing adorably hilarious expressions and propping them up against the cat’s face for LOL-worthy results. Each expression is distinct and amazing and the flower barrette on the cat’s head is just icing on the proverbial cake.

Check out the amazing images below:

This look is a little “flirty laugh,” isn’t it? 

Contentment. This face is one of pure contentment. 

If cats wore lipstick, this would be really close to the normal cat look. Or, at least the cats I’ve been around.

The two semi-snaggly teeth just kill me. I could spend hours imagining what this cat is screaming about.

I wonder how long the owner had to wait for the perfect closed-eye moment to capture this look of would-be laughter. However long it was, it was worth it because this is amazing.

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