Do you love candy? Do you love art? Do you love sheer awesomeness? You’re in luck.

Australian artist Tanya Schultz, also known as Pip & Pop, decided to blend all of those elements together to build a gorgeous, dreamy universe full of sunshine, bright colors and shimmer. Their work is like Lisa Frank (don’t know Lisa Frank? Check out their products here) meets Candy Land meets Harajuku Girls meets our dreams. The artists have been working together since 2008, creating wonderlands that can fill entire rooms..

Their dreamy installations (some are three-dimensional) are filled with wax, found objects (you know, whatever they have lying around – which is amazing), beads, glitter, sugar, figurines, candy, fake birds from Hong Kong, tiny cakes from Japan and much more. So, they’re not entirely edible, but they sure look it.

Schultz told Dazed Magazine that some of what she creates is inspired by her youth: “I hope that something from childhood stays with everyone. It’s the part of us that responds to seeing something beautiful or magical, like snow for the first time or a starry night sky in the desert. I want to transport the audience to another place or time.”

Pip and Pop have definitely transported audiences; they’ve also worked with fashion designers to create wild, rainbow runways, which makes us wonder: are they available for home decor?

Warning: the images below may cause you to to add a lot more neon to your life. Because who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by these incredible colors?

Images via here and here. Photographs by Andre Castellucci, Keizo Kioku, and Willem Velthoven.