Rachel Paige
Updated July 15, 2015

Pretty Little Liars promised that this would be the Summer of Answers, and so far, they are not disappointing us. We are SO CLOSE to the big reveal of A. But then again, we still have SO MANY questions about what the heck is going on with A, and Charles, and everything happening in Rosewood. Last night’s PLL episode, “No Stone Unturned,” answered a few big things, but then dropped another major bombshell on us, so, SPOILERS AHEAD.

For starters, the presumed-dead Charles is actually still alive. Take a second to try and sort that out in your mind, because that’s HUGE.

The story that we had been told all along about Charles is that yes, he was a DiLaurentis sibling, but after an incident with Ali when he was a kid, Charles was sent away to Radley. Charles spent the better part of his life in Radley, and then later died — confirmed by paperwork Spencer found that explained his organs had been donated. To really drive Charles’ death home, the Liars also found a gravestone in the backyard of a house that used to belong to a DiLaurentis relative.

Except that, none of this is true. Someone has been covering this whole thing up, and Charles is very much alive, and out there, somewhere. To make matters worse, Charles left a creepy birthday card on hood of Mr. DiLaurentis’ car saying that he was coming home next week to celebrate his birthday.

Is your head spinning? Because there are are still more a few more shockers like….

Super-creepy Lesli has nothing to do with A. However, super-creepy Lesli did know Bethany Young at Radley, and also hated Bethany at Radley.

And, Bethany and Charles escaped from Radley together, more than likely on the same night at Ali disappeared all those years ago. That’s why on that fateful night, Mrs. DiLaurentis got a frantic phone call, and then told Ali she wasn’t allowed to leave the house that night. And Ali, being Ali, left anyway.

PLUS, The Liars are all microchipped. As in, they’ve got tracking devices in their necks, monitoring their every move. This reveal makes me feel [insert that wide-eye emoji 35 times].

So what does this all mean? Bottom line: Charles is still out there, and he’s coming home soon. There are only four more episodes left of Season 6A, and that means we are almost to the Charles/Big A reveal (that supposedly will happen in the 6A finale, “Game Over Charles”). But for real, can you even handle any more PLL twists, turns, and curve balls? They said this would be the Summer of Answers, and so far it’s just The Summer of Answers That Make Our Heads Hurt.

(Image via ABC Family and Giphy.)