Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger are starring in the latest YA romance and we can’t wait

It’s official we are entering a golden age of the YA romance on screen. From Bella and Edward’s forbidden love in the Twilight films to the moving John Green novels being brought to life, fictional young people are falling in love like never before. And in our opinion, the best YA romance flicks aren’t just the ones about two beautiful teens riding off into the sunset. The love stories that stand out are the ones that really make you think.

Midnight Sun is a new young adult romance and it certainly sounds like something different. The movie hasn’t even begun filming yet, but after hearing about the cast and the plot…let’s just say we’re definitely buying tickets. According to Deadline, Midnight Sun is an unconventional summer romance about two teens, Katie and Charlie. Katie suffers from a rare disease that makes any kind of sun exposure deadly, so she spends her days locked inside. However, her life changes when she meets Charlie and the two begin to fall in love. Sounds like this summer romance could face a few hurdles!

The film will star Bella Thorne and newcomer Patrick Schwarzenegger. That’s right, THAT Patrick Schwarzenegger! He’s the son of Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, not to mention the ex-boyfriend of pop superstar Miley Cyrus. Bella is a former Disney Channel darling on her way to becoming a bonafide movie star after scoring roles like this and her teen queen part in The Duff. We personally can’t wait to check out Patrick’s acting chops, and with genes like his we doubt that he will disappoint. Judging by Bella’s Instagram page, the two are already pals, but do you think they’ll have romantic chemistry on screen? We also can’t wait to see these two tackle such a complex and interesting storyline. Love conquers all, right? Even rare, sun-sensitive diseases?!

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