Audrey Whitby
March 24, 2015 10:48 am

Everyone meet Whoopi Goldpurr, the 8-week-old kitten I recently adopted from a shelter. She’s the light of my life, even though her favorite chew toy is my hand.

Prior to my little Whoopi pie, my whole life had been about dogs — six of them to be exact! We are that crazy family that needs a kennel license, but doesn’t have one (shhh). I used to frown upon cat lovers. How could their snide cat compare to my loyal and lovable pooch? What I’ve come to realize, though, is that you can’t compare animals at all. Even though I’m only 18, my pets feel like my children, and who has a favorite child? No one. Well, except for my family because I’m the favorite (right, Mom?).

So, how did Whoopi turn this long-time dog snob into a life-time subscriber of Cat Fancy? Here’s how:

 She is all the entertainment I’ll ever need.

The main thing I’ve learned in my short time as a cat owner is to sit back and watch. I used to try to pet and love on Whoopi like I did with my pups. With cats, it just doesn’t work that way. They are mainly independent creatures and really only show affection when they want to. The rest of the time, I just get to enjoy the show. She will dart back and forth across with her back arched impossibly high, play with shoe boxes for hours on end, or sometimes she will just insist on sitting on my shoulders.

Okay, fine. Most of the time.

Everyday is a surprise.

Where dogs crave routine and repetition, you never know what’s going to happen with a cat. Every time I come home, she seems to be hiding somewhere new. The closet doors officially stay closed now because one day I came home and couldn’t find her, frantically searched the whole house, and then proceeded to find her inside one of my Ugg boots.

Her mood also tends to be surprising. She could be happy and playful one minute and then want nothing to do with me the next. It’s kept me guessing and on my toes. I kind of dig it. Whoopi does her own thing and makes no apologies!

She is the best cuddle partner ever.

This is only when she has chosen to snuggle up to me, of course. I still can’t tell if it’s for warmth or if she actually likes it. Whatever her reasons, she is the softest little ball of fur ever. There is something about her cuddled up on my shoulder purring that makes my heart melt like nothing else.

Seriously, I sleep better at night because I have my own fluffy and tiny heating pad. I just have to make sure she doesn’t try to nip my toes in the middle of the night.

She has genuinely made me a better person.

I know it seems “fur-ward,” especially since I have only had her for a whopping two weeks, but I’m not “lion.” Firstly, my room is cleaner than it ever has been. I always feel guilty leaving her in a mess, and I don’t want her to hurt herself by getting into something. This in turn has made me tidier and more organized. You could say it’s pretty “paw-some.”

Whoopi Goldpurr is the first animal I’ve adopted all by myself. She is completely my responsibility. With all of the obligations that come with having a cat, I have become much more responsible. I have to remember to feed her twice a day, get her shots, empty her litter box, play with her, and make sure she is never home for too long alone. I’ve really benefited from having to take care of her. It’s taught me a lot about caring for something besides myself.

Lastly, I’m better because I know not to judge something I know nothing about. I feel awful about the way I used to talk about cats. Having this kitten has made me realize all animals are special in their own way and deserved to be loved. The same applies for human beings, too!

Well, that is all from this crazy cat lady. If, in 10 years, I’m found alone, in an apartment, with 20 cats, someone please intervene. However, the more I think about it, Whoopi could really use another kitty friend. One more can’t hurt, right?

(Images via Audrey Whitby, here, here, here and here.)