Christina Wolfgram
April 16, 2015 9:17 am

Yesterday, vocal powerhouse pop star Ariana Grande posted a photo of her new crescent moon tattoo to her Instagram, immediately inspiring ink-envy across the country. The simple black tat is located under her left ear and looks similar to the small heart she has tattooed on her toe. That heart tattoo actually symbolizes one of Grande’s first songs “Tattooed Heart,” and Teen Vogue speculates that the crescent moon may represent her upcoming Honeymoon Tour.

Surprisingly, Grande isn’t the only one who got this tattoo. Later, she shared a video of bleach blonde back-up dancer Brian Nicholson showing off his very own identical crescent moon on his neck. Turns out, the pair got matching tats to seal the deal on their friendship — talk about dedication! They could have bought friendship necklaces or even splurged on t-shirts with each other’s faces on them, but the video shows they are pretty excited that they took a more permanent route.

According to his page on the (surely very accurate, thanks to legions of Arianators) Ariana Grande Wiki, Nicholson has danced with many major stars, including Beyonce, Nicki Manaj, and Ariana’s musical inspiration Mariah Carey. As far as we know, he does not share matching tattoos with any of these other headliners. These two might be our newest BFF obsession. 

Of course, you might be wondering what Ariana’s boyfriend, Big Sean, thinks about her latest ink. The couple’s adorableness is out of control. Big Sean recently gushed to Rolling Stone that Ariana makes him “really happy” and that he is “so proud of her” (aww!), so we’re sure he’s happy for her happiness.

Meanwhile, we’ll just be over here nursing some major #friendshipgoals while creating a BFF tattoo board on Pinterest and stalking Ariana and Brian’s friendship on social media.

(Images via here and Instagram.)