Bridey Heing
July 10, 2015 5:18 am

Apple iPhone users, finding pictures on your phone is about to get a lot easier. The latest iOS update has some really neat folders that will help you stay organized automatically. Gone are the days of wading through photo after photo trying to find that ONE selfie you snapped where your hair is doing that thing you really like. Now, a selfie folder and a screenshots folder will keep pics orderly and neat.

First, let’s talk selfie folder. Whenever you take a picture with the front facing camera, it will automatically be loaded to the folder titled (you guessed it) Selfie. The phone isn’t using face-detecting software or anything like that, so you don’t have to worry about all kinds of random pictures ending up there by accident. Instead, it’s just going to be home to anything taken with the front camera.

Now, on to the screenshots folder. Basically, it’s the same deal as the selfie folder. When you take a shot by pressing on the power and home buttons, it will end up in the folder titled (wait for it) Screenshots. You get the idea.

The other folders, like Camera Roll and Recently Deleted, will still be there, too.

Other features of iOS 9 include a curated News app and a re-designed home screen that allows up to 16 apps to fit nicely on one page. But let’s be real, the best perk is being able to keep all those selfies separate from your other pictures. Gone are the days stressing that when you show someone a snapshot of your cat, they’ll keep swiping and stumble on your prolific selfie session. Because that can get awkward.

(Image via Apple)


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