Emma Lord
Updated Mar 25, 2015 @ 11:07 am

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also sure leaves your arms a lot emptier. No matter how many phone calls you share or e-mails you send, it never quite measures up to the feeling of actually being able to touch someone you love. Thankfully the iOs app “Hug” lets you send emojis that you can feel by putting your phone up to your heart, bringing all your favorite long-distance humans one happy little buzz hug away.

Here’s how the app works: You can create a whole network of hug-worthy humans in your life who also have the app to send hugs back and forth with, and then the whole world of feels is your oyster. When you want to send someone a hug, you can select an emoji, and then a “type” of hug. It ranges from “sad” hug to “party” hug to “happy” hug, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have all of your hugmotions covered the way that actual emojis have your back. After you send it, the recipient will receive a notification telling them to press their phone to their heart, at which point it will buzz and administer whatever perfect hug you had in mind.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a bear hug from the BFF who squeezes your organs so hard when you guys meet up that they might fall out of your mouth, but it is a sweet reminder than you’re thinking of each other and that you’re both there for the other one when they’re feeling down. The app is now available on the App store and Google play for free, so you can go boomerang your feels into your friends’ phones LITERALLY RIGHT NOW — and hopefully you’ll get back enough hugs to sustain you until the weekend finally comes and you can see them yourself.

(Images from here and here.)