YOU are wonderful. It can be hard to feel that way in high school, when every day is full of pressure and demands from your parents, teachers, and even your friends. For me, high school was a time of feeling lost and unsure about the future, and that usually trumps self-confidence. But no matter how you’re feeling, you shouldn’t call your self-worth into question, no matter what! These 7 affirmations will remind you that even though life often feels difficult and confusing, you are smart and talented and totally capable of facing and overcoming any challenges on your way to adulthood.

Indulge Your Passions

Your passions make you unique, and hopefully, they make you happy! You probably have several passions, and each one can help you understand yourself, meet new people, and try new things. If you’re interested in something, go for it! Who knows? You might be amazing! You have nothing to lose, and no matter what happens, you’ll learn something about yourself.

Love Freely

Don’t waste your time hiding something you love! Just like your passions, the things you love shape who you are. Whether you love the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, Doctor Who, playing short stop for your softball team, or belting out every lyric from Taylor Swift’s new album, don’t allow yourself to feel ashamed. Embrace it!

Slow Down

High school often feels like an endless race to whatever is coming next. The future feels both infinite and infinitely important. But the present is just as meaningful. You may never get back the time you have now with your friends and family, so treasure it daily! Try not to let the pressures of the future overshadow the present. You might miss something magical!

Get Out & Explore

Whether you’re with your friends, your family, or alone, new places always nurture new perspectives. It doesn’t matter if you visit a coffee shop across town or a museum across the world — expand your horizons and experience the world around you!

It’s OK to Say No

You probably feel like everyone is always demanding things from you — your parents want you to do well in school, your teachers want you to do more work, and your friends want you to ignore all of that and just spend time with them. Saying no may feel impossible, but it’s necessary. You need to acknowledge when you’re overloaded (it’s OK, we all feel that way sometimes), or when something just doesn’t feel right. When you feel that way, respect yourself enough to say no. That one little word will save you a huge amount of time and heart ache.

Practice Self Care

Sometimes, you need to be your own best friend. Practicing self care just means you’re putting yourself and your happiness first. You know your limits, and when you feel in over your head, it’s always ok to take a step back and care for yourself. Whether you take a relaxing bubble bath, go on a Netflix binge, or hide away with your favorite book, separating yourself from the chaos of everyday life can help you gain perspective and strength.

Face Your Fears

Pursuing your passions and happiness doesn’t come without risks. But you are more capable than you know, and even braver than you imagine. Every time you feel afraid to try something new or take a risk, remember that you are loved, you are smart, and you are strong. Face your fears head on, and don’t let them dictate whether or not you go after something you want. Every failure is a lesson, and every victory is an opportunity for greatness. Sometimes, you need to be your own super hero.

When you’re feeling down about yourself or your high school life in general, remember these 7 affirmations and that you are worthy of love and respect every day. Use them, share them, add to them, and own them! There is nothing more valuable than self-love, especially in high school. If you practice loving yourself now, your future will shine brighter than you can ever imagine.

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