When it was time for Stefano Peiris, a high school student in Herminston, Oregon, to take senior portraits, he wanted to try something a little different. Instead of posing for a stereotypical photo with a pseudo blue steel facial expression and arms crossed in front of a plain, drab background, Stefano asked his photographer, Tammy Jones, to snap pics of him in a place that he (and, let’s face it, all of America) holds near and dear to his heart: 7-Eleven.

Stefano won an award for “best comedian” at his school last year, but this stroke of genius made him totally viral. Currently, his pictures have been retweeted by over 30,000 Twitter users. He admitted that he’s been mulling over how to make his senior photos stand out and make people laugh for a few years now. “I figured, when I look back at these pictures in the future I could be like everyone else, lean on a tree and smile, or I could be different,” Stefano explained to “And it’s always better to be different.” You are a wonderful snowflake, Stefano. Please never change.