Lilian Min
April 09, 2015 2:42 pm

Fandom is something that you feel down to your bones: It’s the scream you let out when your ship finally gets together (or is officially sunk in canon); the tears you shed when your favorite character bites the dust; the passion you unleash in your defense of an unpopular or misunderstood character (I’m here for you, Hawkeye). Being a fan means many things now, but with the Internet teeming with fan-based crafts, one easy way to wear your fandom on your sleeve is to, well, wear it.

The creative, time-sucking folks at Bored Panda have curated a list of creative earrings for geeky girls, ranging from Harry Potter favorites (Luna’s Dirigible plums!) to interesting, general science-y studs. Check out our favorites from their list below, and also some of our own staff picks:

Harry Potter‘s Luna Lovegood “radish” earrings, $10.56

Pac-Man earrings, $12.00
As inspired by this photo: