Christina Wolfgram
April 24, 2015 9:51 am

Poll: Do you think all the world’s a stage? If you answered yes, there’s a good change you are a “theatre kid.” If you’re not quite sure if you consider yourself a theatre kid, then here’s one more important question. Do you spell theatre with an “-re” or an “-er?” For some reason, that seems to be an accurate indication.

Theatre is more than just an extracurricular activity to you; it’s a way of life. After-school rehearsal is your favorite part about going to school. You live for the lights, the curtain calls, and ridiculous antics backstage between scenes.

Whether you dabbled in middle school or were extremely dedicated throughout high school, if you love theatre, odds are that some of the points on this list will resonate with you. Cue the overture! Here are 22 things all theatre kids will understand:

1. When you joined Drama Club, you knew you found your People.

Now, between rehearsals and talking about rehearsals, you pretty much spend all your time together. 

2. It’s hard to explain the concept of bursting into song to non-theatre nerds.

But you don’t let nobody (oh, nobody) rain on your parade.

3. You’re proud that you can recite entire Broadway shows start to finish.

It comes in handy when you and your friends communicate entirely in song and dance. When will you stop? Hmmm, maybe … tomorrow!

4. All of your English teachers are super impressed by your Shakespeare knowledge.

But truth be told, you only read those plays because Juliet and Ophelia are two of your dream roles.
5. It’s an unwritten rule that everyone will try to stand out during auditions.

Things can get kind of crazy.

6. Waiting for the cast list to come out is nothing short of painful.

You vow to take any part, big or small, as long as you get to be in the show.

7. And sometimes, tensions run high.

Sure, you can get a little competitive, but you know that friendship is more important than any casting decisions.

8. If you get the part you wanted, you try to act classy about it.

While obviously, you’re doing this on the inside.

9. And if you don’t get the part you wanted, you try to be a good sport.

“I must remember this feeling and use it in my acting.” – Fame

10. Age make-up looks great on stage, but terrifying close up.

Sixteen going on sixty.

11. People call you out for falling into a fake accent during conversation.

You can’t help that you’re such a dialectic chameleon. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, y’all!

12. You develop crushes completely based on vocal abilities.

His falsetto is even cuter than his face.

13. Almost all of your relationships have been showmances.

Even though you keep swearing to never fall for a costar again.

14. You’ve seen every musical episode that’s ever aired on T.V.

Scrubs, Buffy, How I Met Your Mother … Why don’t they just make all the episodes musicals?

15. The Tony Awards are your Super Bowl.

And Neil Patrick Harris is your favorite team.

16. Every time you put on your costume, you get an awesome surge of self-confidence.

Which is why it’s perfectly understandable that you may or may not have “borrowed” some items from the costume department so you can feel this good when you’re not on stage.

17. Only your best friends know how to make you break character.

No matter how hard you try to be professional, sometimes the slightest fart noise can undo you.

18. Your dance audition freshman year was a little timid.

New school, new people – it’s nerve-wracking!
19. But by senior year, your dance moves were bonkers.

Plus, you’ve learned to fake it ’till you make it.

20. Thanks to years of diner cast parties, you immediately want a milkshake and burger after any performance.

And you probably want a milkshake right now that I mentioned it.

21. Post-show depression is a REAL THING.

Hello, that’s why they call it drama.

22. But at least you have amazing friends to help you get through it.

(Images via here and Giphy.)