Grab some tissues, because Tyler Posey revealed what he’ll miss most about working with Dylan O’Brien on “Teen Wolf”

As expected, saying goodbye to Teen Wolf isn’t easy for Tyler Posey, who stars on the show as the title character (with a bite) Scott McCall. The show returned on Sunday and with its final 10 episodes underway, Posey spoke with HelloGiggles about what we can expect from the rest of the season, what he’ll miss most about the show (and co-star Dylan O’Brien), and what’s ahead for him in his career. Without further ado…

HelloGiggles: Where do we find Scott at the beginning of the back half of Teen Wolf, and what journey can we expect him to go on in these final episodes?

Tyler Posey: The beginning of the season is really cool. You see Scott as the assistant coach, which I think is a really cool, full circle thing. He started off wanting to be on the lacrosse team so bad. He was bad. He was horrible. He wasn’t good at it. Then, he got his wolf powers and became a sensation. It’s been really cool to see him grow up over the years. He can’t be on the team anymore because he’s not in school. But, you pick up and he’s in a greater place. He wants to go to school, to be a veterinarian.

It seems like everything is good. Then, of course, everything goes to hell again. He has to view Beacon Hills in a different light. He’s been trying to protect his talent for all these years and he’s been doing it successfully, but now, it seems like he has to switch his view on the town a little bit and approach protecting everybody through different ways. He’s got an interesting journey this season. One that also includes a new relationship — and that always creates interesting things.

He’s got to protect his friends and save the town and figure out what to do with all these old villains that keep resurfacing, while also falling in love. That’s one of the coolest things about this season for me is Scott and Malia’s [Shelley Hennig] relationship. They’ve been friends for so long, but they never really saw each other in that light. Then, their relationship happens organically and naturally and they flow into one another.

Personally, I think that’s the best way to enter a relationship, [after having] been friends for so long. It’s a really sweet, perfect way to do it — an ideal way to enter a relationship.

HG: You said that Scott has to alter his perspective on the town. What did you mean by that?

TP: There’s this new villain that instills fear in people without being seen — just has this impending doom feeling, almost like a panic attack, but you have no idea why. You don’t know what you’re afraid of, but it makes you afraid of everything. It doesn’t just target supernatural people. It targets everybody.

So the whole town has this impending doom feeling and no one knows why and no one really knows how they’re going to react to it, but it could create a huge issue for Scott and the pack.

HG: What has been hardest for you about saying goodbye to Teen Wolf? What are you going to miss most?

TP: The hardest thing about saying goodbye? Oh man, just saying goodbye. I get emotional. This show means so much to me, and I’m really attached to it. I really love this show a lot. It has become a loved one of mine. It’s a part of me. I feel like saying goodbye is almost like sending your kids off to college and letting them become an adult.

There’s so much I have attached to this show. It’s such a bizarre thing. It’s been my life for so long. I’m not completely ready to say goodbye. The workload was really intense on that show, so it’s nice to have a little bit of a lesser workload, be able to figure out my life as a human, as an adult, and get my house in order, just take care of myself. I’m going to miss it a lot.

HG: At the Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel, you and Dylan both had such nice things to say about each other. What will you miss about working with him in particular?

TP: It’s such a different dynamic when Dylan and I are on set with each other. We grew up together on this show. We became celebrities together. It’s weird to say that, but we really figured each other out in the show — figured out who we were as adults and as humans. When we would act with each other, there was just so much respect for one another that we had that showed on screen. He and I have so much fun on set. We fuck around. We hang out with one another. I follow him like a dog. He follows me like a little dog. We’re just inseparable, best friends on set.

I’m going to miss that a lot. I really am. We still hang out constantly, but I don’t know if we’ll ever have that dynamic again. He helped shape me as to where I am today, and he’s inspired me and motivated me through so much. He’s been there for me through everything. I can always rely on him and lean on him and he’s taught me so much. We’re the same age. It’s the best dynamic I’ve ever had. It was perfect. It was too good to be true.

I don’t know how this show happened. I really don’t. All the stars aligned and the planets aligned and the universe aligned. All of us had this incredible experience and we all ran with it and loved it. I’m going to miss just being with Dylan on set every day. It was the coolest. I’m going to miss him so much.

HG: Do you have a favorite memory from working with Dylan on set? And I’m assuming so, but would you like to work with him again if the opportunity presented itself?

TP: Of course, yeah. No matter what it is, where we are in our lives, I would drop everything to work with him again. Do I have a favorite memory? There’s just so many. A lot of them [aren’t] from set. We used to live with each for the first two seasons. We were roommates. We were best friends. We did everything with each other.

I don’t have a specific memory. Everything. Just the whole first two years of us on the show were the coolest. It was incredible. It was just the greatest time. He was the best roommate. We were the same person. We respected one another. Our families loved one another. There’s too many moments to choose.

HG: There’s already been talk about a reboot. Is that something you’d want to come back for, and in what capacity?

TP: I really would like to be a part of whatever Teen Wolf has to offer, if MTV lets me come back at all. I know that they want to start with a new cast and I think it would be really cool if I could just show up every now and then. I absolutely believe that it should be passed off to a new cast and somebody else should have their time to shine and be in the limelight.

I would feel weird not being a part of it in some capacity. I don’t have to act in it. I can just show up and produce, do whatever, I don’t care. I just want to be a part of it in some way or form. I don’t want to let it go.

HG: Looking ahead, you briefly appeared as Jane’s ex, Adam, in the Jane the Virgin Season 3 finale, and that tease was significant. What’s Adam like, and what could his relationship with Jane be like going forward? It seems like things could be rekindled.

TP: There’s always room for that. He’s a really great, really sweet guy. He’s a really positive person — somebody that Jane needs in her life right now. Her husband just died on the show and Adam, he’s a godsend almost. Jane has a lot of history with him. They were together at one point long ago when they were kids and she needs somebody now more than ever as a support system.

It’s a lot easier to do that with somebody that you have a history with, that you feel really comfortable with. I think as of now, Adam is just going to basically play as her support system, be a [shoulder to cry on], and just be there for her. That creates intimacy and there’s always potential for more things to come from there. But as of now, that’s his position.

HG: What else is ahead for you then? What would you like to do that you haven’t done yet?

TP: I just finished a movie, a Blumhouse movie. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the title of it because they [kept] it kind of secret, but I had a great, great, great, great time filming it. Me and the cast got really close — really, really close. I fell in love with these kids. That was a lot of fun. I’m really excited for that to come out. I’m doing another movie soon, a little independent film that’s going to be a lot of fun — a little action movie.

What do I want to do? I really want to direct more. I directed Episode 3 for this season. [I really want to] produce and start doing stuff on that side of the world. I would love to do some action stuff. I want to do some more comedy. Comedies are [a breath of] fresh air after all the intensity from Teen Wolf over the years. I have a permanent headache from furrowing my brow because I’m always intense and confused.

It would be really nice just to laugh and get home early. I don’t know. I want to do it all. I haven’t really been a lead of a romantic comedy yet and I’ve always wanted to do that. [Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis] and I always [joke] about us making a comedy together — him writing it and me acting in it. I want to do it all. I really do. There’s no shortage of things that I don’t want to do. I want to play a drug addict. I think those [roles] are always fun for actors to explore. We’ll see.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Sundays.