This ‘Teen Wolf’ star just came out on Instagram with some truly inspiring words

Coming out is an emotional process. Doing it in the spotlight just compounds the stress. However, stars who choose to make their important journey public do something amazing for all those watching who may be struggling with the same thing: they let them know they’re not alone.

That’s exactly what inspired Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver to write a coming out essay through Instagram, spread out over five posts with a photo featuring the words “Be who you needed when you were younger.”

It begins:

Carver goes on to write about how he felt unable to go public with his sexuality due to his work as an actor. He worried that coming out as gay wouldn’t allow him to remain a neutral figure when it came to being cast. However, the more experience he had with the industry, the more hopeful he became that his fears were unfounded, and he eventually decided to open up about his personal life on Instagram.

In addition to opening up about his sexuality, he also gives some amazing advice and provides a different perspective on the whole idea of “coming out” in general:

You can find Carver’s full essay over on his Instagram!

(Image via Instagram)

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