Colton Haynes and Shelley Hennig bid adieu to “Teen Wolf,” and reveal if they’d come back for that potential reboot

It’s an emotional time for Teen Wolf fans, as the show is just about to return with the back half of its final season. But, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed, this might not actually be the end. There could be a Teen Wolf reboot and podcast on the way. So yeah, we’re experiencing a lot of emotions right about now, and same goes for the cast who spoke with HelloGiggles about the end of the series — and the odds that they’d return.

Here’s what Colton Haynes (Jackson), Shelley Hennig (Malia), Cody Christian (Theo), and Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) had to say:

What’s hardest about saying goodbye?

Colton Haynes: I’m going to miss the cast. They’re the greatest. Obviously, I’ll see them a lot, but it was so nice to be on set with them, and to work with them again. I’m also going to miss, Jackson is so annoying. It was so nice to take that douchiness out of my life when I got to do it with Jackson. But, I’ve had time to prepare for the ending. So, it doesn’t feel like it’s the end because we’re all together now.

Cody Christian: Goodness. This character’s been such a blast to play. It’s such a zone, and a head space when you go and you just put that jacket on, so to speak. You just feel that the life that this kid has lived and experienced and what’s going on through his head. That, to me, is just exhilarating. It’s thrilling. It’s exploring the art form, and I’m in love with that. I’m missing that now.

Even when I got off the set for a couple weeks I was missing it. This set, this show, these people, it’s very comfortable. I know these people. I can be myself around them with no thoughts, with no limitations, no boundaries. We’ve been through the shit together. We’ve been 16, 18 hour days. We’ve been half-naked at three o’clock in the morning in woods and fields.

Everyone’s just given their all and their heart. We did these fights. We’ve done it. We’ve been through the trenches together. I think that creates a bond that is special. It’s inseparable. That’s hard to walk away from, but I do know that these people are going to be in my life for a while, so it gives me a little bit of comfort.

Melissa Ponzio: The hardest thing is being with people almost every day for six seasons, you develop certain relationships — and knowing that literally that stops on a random Friday and it doesn’t ever pick up again, or it only picks up in portions. That was really hard. I think through the culmination of writing and shooting, we’ve all come to terms with “Okay, this is the end of the show, and we’re saying goodbye to these characters and we’re wrapping up these storylines.” So you have all of that closure, but really, not being able to see everybody’s beautiful face, that’s what’s hard.

Would you come back for the potential reboot?

CH: I won’t be able to because I’m locked up in a crazy contract with Fox, but I would love to if I could. I sent Holland [Roden, who plays Lydia,] a text message when I saw that they might do it. I said, “Holland, hey, I just talked to [creator Jeff Davis]. Did you hear that you’re coming back for Teen Wolf?” She’s like, “What do you mean?” I was like, “Yeah, they want you to play one of the teachers.” She goes, “What do you mean? Really?” I was like, “Yeah, they do,” and I kept it going for a while. Our biggest joke was all of us are going to be teachers on the show eventually in 10 years anyway.

Shelley Hennig: Of course. Can I play Malia or do we have to play another character? I’d be a terrible Lydia.

CC: I’d definitely be interested in that. I think as long as there’s a story to be told, that doesn’t delude what we’ve established and created for the fans in regard to Theo as a character. If that story is there and they need somebody to tell it, I’ll be there to do that.

MP: That was brand-new news to me. I wish the president wouldn’t have spoken up before we were like “See you later, Season 7!” That would have been amazing timing. So, we’ll have to see. It’s totally exciting. And who’s to say they’re gonna want us. It might be a whole new crew.

What do you think about the potential podcast?

SH: I think it’s great. The show needed to end the way that it was, airing on MTV. This series, I think ended on such a great note, but opening a different medium is gonna be really, really amazing.

CC: I think it’s interesting. It’s a very foreign concept to me, just because I don’t know much about that whole world, but I think the bar’s set very, very high for this show. Anything that can continue to let this legacy live on, other people to enjoy it and indulge and get lost in this supernatural world of Beacon Hills, I’m all for it.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV with the first of its final 10 episodes on July 30th.

Teen Wolf Season 6, Part 1 is now available on DVD.