This teen in a wheelchair shocked her family in the best way — by walking at her graduation

When it comes to walking at graduation, it feels like there’s a lot to worry about. What if I trip? What if my cap isn’t on correctly? What if I walk the wrong way? Well, what if you couldn’t walk at all?

Everyone thought that would be the case for teen Alicia Anderson, who was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease in 2013. It’s a rare genetic disorder that caused her to lose some of her basic motor skills. If caught early, it can be managed, though it does cause symptoms such as fatigue, stiffness and issues with speech. Alicia couldn’t talk, let alone walk.

Which is why it was so surprising when Alicia walked across the stage at Ionia High School’s graduation. Unbeknownst to her family, Alicia had been working on re-learning how to walk at school, so that by graduation day, she could leave her wheelchair at the podium and use her walker to cross the stage triumphantly and get her diploma.

This was a huge shock to her family. At one point, Alicia’s mother, Heather, didn’t think Alicia would make it to graduation at all. But she’s a fighter, and not only did she make it, she made it better than ever.

Alicia’s feat was met with a chorus of applause, and made a special day that much better because of her inspiring determination.

Alicia spoke to Fox 29 about the moment, putting it simply:

We’re sure that this impressive display is just step one in Alicia’s journey towards greatness, and we’ll be cheering behind her the whole way!

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