This teen used his yearbook quote to come out to his parents

We’re lovin’ this trend of using yearbook quotes to make a statement, especially when it’s done for heartwarming and meaningful causes. And that’s exactly what Maxwell Barrett, an eighteen-year-old from New Jersey did when he crafted this uniquely funny yearbook quote in order to come out to his parents:

For Maxwell’s peers, this wasn’t a surprise. He had been out at school for some time, but had yet to let his parents know his sexuality.

But while Maxwell’s friends have always been supportive, it was difficult to get his yearbook quote idea past administration. The yearbook editor, a teacher at the high school, originally wouldn’t let Maxwell use his idea for a yearbook quote because they claimed he was only doing it for “shock value.” But for Maxwell, this was more than fifteen seconds of fame. This was an important moment and he wanted to get it right. So he and his friends petitioned the school until the teacher agreed to include the quote.

And we’re so glad Maxwell fought for this cause. The yearbook photo and its caption has thousands of favorites on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of notes on Tumblr. People are loving his honesty and his humor. As for Maxwell’s parents? Here’s what he has to say.

So awesome. Maxwell is off to attend the OTIS College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where he will no doubt make even more heads turn with his impressive confidence and infectious good nature. You go, Maxwell!

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