This teen just said goodbye to finals in the best way possible

Teens in the United Kingdom are finishing up school this week by taking their required (but dreaded) A-Level exams. A-Level exams could be compared to the N.E.W.T.s, or “Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests,” at Hogwarts: they are the only thing standing between students and university — and more importantly, summer vacation. It must be a huge relief to complete these stressful exams, but one kid from Northern Ireland is celebrating in a flipping amazing way. What a CHAMP!

Feast your eyes on Ruairí McSorley, who rode a white horse away from his school after finishing his A-Levels, singing “Country Roads.” The only way this could possibly be any cooler would be if he was riding a unicorn.

You may remember Ruairí from his brief stint as an Internet sensation back in January. After giving an adorable interview (that accent – swoon!) about the freezing weather in Northern Ireland for a news show, he was given the nickname “Frost Bit Boy.” Judging from his ability to make icicles funny, this lad obviously has quite the sense of humor.

The Irish News noticed his Prince Charming antics and included a photo of the teen riding off into the sunset on his white steed with the headline, “Frostbit and Bridle,” later tweeting that “#frostbitboy is at it again.” It’s so cool that Ruairí took two crummy things—sub-degree temperatures and ridiculously difficult exams—and used them to make people laugh. That’s a true gift, and hopefully he will share it more with the world in the future.

(Image via here.)