This insanely cool teen taught her cow to jump after she wasn’t allowed to get a horse

Need a pick-me-up today? While we don’t have the usual offering of cat videos, what we do have to offer is this incredible video of a cow jumping. Yeah, you read that right!

When Hannah Simpson was denied a pony, her brother suggested that she ride Lilac, a calf on her family’s farm. Rather than dismiss her brother’s suggestion as one of those throwaway sibling lines, she did just that. That was nearly 7 years ago, and though the New Zealand teen has a horse now, she still rides Lilac.

The two became a bit of a sensation after an image of her saddling up on the cow was shared on the NZ Farming social media pages. Hannah regularly shares images of her with Lilac, like this incredible video of her jumping over a rock.

But don’t have a cow about it! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Hannah says that she makes allowances for her bovine friend, noting that she doesn’t expect her to ride like a horse. According to her, Lilac has a history of jumping so it just seemed natural for her to do.

“Lilac was always jumping out of the cow shed when she was young so I think she likes it, too.”

Though the two have received international attention for this story, Hannah says that she has no need to compete with Lilac. “I don’t think she would behave if we took her anywhere but home,” she told The Guardian. “She is more special than a horse, more rare.”

We can’t help but agree! But who are we to comment on the special bond between a girl and her cow?