This incredible teen survived a plane crash and then walked two days to find help

If you questioned if you even had it in you to get out of bed this morning, then why don’t you let 16-year-old Autumn Veatch inspire you (/make you feel really, really, incredibly lazy for that whole getting-out-of-bed struggle). While flying with her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, from Montana to Washington, Autumn’s plane lost contact and crashed somewhere in northern Washington state. She was found wandering the woods two days later by a driver, and was taken immediately to get help.

When the plane first crashed, Autumn stayed close to the site, before hiking downward. She stumbled upon a trail that took her right out onto Highway 20, where she was spotted. Her rescuer first took Autumn to a nearby store to find a phone, and employees immediately called 911. The manager said that Autumn was “obviously pretty traumatized.”

Autumn was taken to the hospital shortly after. Remarkably, she sustained only minor injuries, and despite the emotional toil that comes with an event like this, is going to be okay. Her father posted a short, but gleeful, status on her Facebook page, which is slowly filling up with messages of support and relief from family and friends upon hearing that she survived such a remarkable feat.

According to her father, Autumn is in pretty good spirits, joking about the survival shows they used to watch together.

However, the plane and Autumn’s step-grandparents, the two other occupants of the flight, are still missing. The state’s Civil Air Patrol has been searching all over, using cell phone data to figure out the last known location of the aircraft. We’re crossing all our fingers and toes!

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