This teen shaved his head to look like a pineapple and it’s amazing

When Reddit user Hansel34 made a bet with his cousin about who would earn better grades in school this semester, he didn’t count on her getting a perfect 4.0. Otherwise, he might not have agreed that the winner of the bet would have free reign over the loser’s hairstyle. Luckily for Hansel34, who shared the results of his wager on Reddit this week, his cousin is a hair artist.

Instead of inflicting Hansel34 to some kind of embarrassing, crappy cut, she shaved and dyed his hair to look like a pineapple! And it looks freaking incredible.

The fruit-headed teen created a photo album to show off his insanely cool new ‘do, and the Internet is loving it (with good reason). His vibrant yellow and green hair goes so well with his crazy pineapple-themed button-up shirt; this could be the beginning of a fruitalicious trend.

Maybe the best part of the photos is the way Hansel34 is interacting with his fellow pineapple in this shoot. He stares at the fruit lovingly in one picture, blows a dandelion towards it in another. Some of these images, especially the one of the teen holding the pineapple in a romantic field of flowers, look suspiciously like engagement photos. Other Reddit users noticed, questioning if “courting” the pineapple was part of losing the bet.

Admittedly, it would be cool if Hansel34’s new hairstyle enabled him to be able to talk to pineapples. I totally #ship it. And secretly, I kind of hope he loses a bunch more bets so I can see what his hair would look like as a strawberry. Clearly, he could pull it off.

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