This teen is speaking out against the sexist “Battle of the Sexes” tradition at her school

In this day and age, “Battle of the Sexes” is not something you hear often. It’s dated and unnecessary, and, as La Serna High School senior Mindy Pflug shows us, extremely harmful.

La Serna held an assembly that split up boys and girls for a day of playing sports to determine the “superior sex.” First of all, blech. Second of all, it’s not surprising that it was rife with sexism. While the boys’ side was decorated with pictures of successful male leaders, accompanied by the slogan, “Who REALLY runs the world?”, the girls’ side was covered in pink, plastered with illustrations of bikinis and make up.

This sexism from both genders really got to Mindy, who tweeted her disgust:

Since this tweet, she’s received reactions all across the board. Many of her classmates have come forward in support:

She’s also faced some intense bullying from others in her school, but this doesn’t stop her. She really wants to shed light on this important issue, and told all of her feels:

The problem with this, other than the school blatantly pitting the sexes against each other, is that the boys decorated their side, and the girls decorated the other. This sexism against women came from the women, meaning they’ve internalized some misogyny that causes them to view their gender as nothing more than objects of beauty.

It’s important for women everywhere to know their worth, and Mindy is getting them there one tweet at a time!

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