Teen Roundtable: What do you think about the slew of Disney live-action movie announcements?

It’s a good time to be a Disney fan — at least, if you like seeing your animated childhood favorites reimagined as live-action epics. The Internet has been abuzz with the news of Disney’s latest live-action adaptation plans for weeks, mostly because it seems like, for weeks now, there have been announcements of new planned movies every few days. Cinderella was a smash-hit and Beauty and the Beast starring the gorgeous and talented Emma Watson, is sure to be amazing. And then, on top of that, Disney  has also announced plans to make MulanWinnie the Pooh and Pinocchio in to live-action movies (and those are just the most recent announcements).

Obviously, adults across the Internet are flipping out, but we had to wonder: Are teens as fangirly about these live-action updates? Do these announcements cause the same level of squee-out-loud excitement if you were, say, negative three when Mulan first graced theater screens? The answer is an unsurprising yes, because Disney classics are timeless, whether we’re talking about one that predates most of the people seeing the update, like Cinderella, or one that feels like it just came out yesterday to some of us. Check out what our amazing and brilliant teen contributors had to say about the Disney live-action trend. Warning: Pretty much unanimous and adorably awesome Disney fangirling ahead:

It’s no different than the many comic book remakes!  

“I can totally see how some people might miss the originals (because the originals are awesome) but it’s awesome that the stories are being introduced to younger kids! It’s sort of like the superhero reboots: They’re remade because people like them, and they’re awesome if they’re done well. Win for Disney and us because we like them!” – Kait Wilbur, 16.

“I’m super duper excited for these live action Disney movies! Of course, I love watching the classic cartoon movies, but the live-action versions sound amazing. I think it’s a lot like live-action comic book movies. It’s another way to appreciate the stories and bring them to life.” – Kim Webb, 18. 

The live-action versions feel more mature.

“I love that they’re remaking my favorite Disney movies into live action! It is such a good time to do it since the movies now have a more mature feel which get the people who are now older but still has the fun childhood story that we have grown up with. They’re targeting the perfect group of people at a very prime time.”  – Mackenzie Walsh, 16.

It will get a new generation to love the movies. 

“Even though a lot of Disney’s best movies came out before I was born, I still grew up watching the VHS tapes of them, so the nostalgia is still there. I think the point is to get our generation excited about these Disney classics so that they don’t die out or go unappreciated because of the old animation, and I think that’s great because they’re classics for a reason. Of course, that isn’t to say I’m not going to go crazy over Frozen and all the other awesome newbies.” – Kate Pettersen, 15.

I love the stories and seeing them evolve. 

“I love the excitement of the remakes! I’ve been reading traditional and alternate fairy tales for a long time, and I love movies, so combining them is perfect for me! Seeing the stories change has been a big part of growing up, and getting to continue that as a teenager is wonderful.” – Elizabeth Yost, 17.

“I love love LOVE all the remakes! As a girl who grew up on all things Disney, since my parents met while they were working at Walt Disney World in Cinderella’s castle, I adore that Disney is doing this. I think its unique and innovative. Also, I love seeing a more modern take on the classics we all love. This is all pretty much like when an old fashion statement from a previous decade comes back but looks *just* a tad more up to date. Overall, this Disney freak ADORES the live-action remakes!” – Savannah Martin, 16.

I love Disney and everything about this!  

“I think the remakes are awesome! Even though the majority of the original films came out way before I was born, I still grew up watching them.  I was totally obsessed with Cinderella and Mulan!  I think a lot of people grow up with Disney films, despite how old they are, and the live action remakes just bring back some well-loved stories with a bit more magic!  I can’t wait to see them all!” – Ella Minker, 18.

“Personally, I am a Disney movie fanatic. One of my best friends and I would spend entire days and nights watching and screaming the lyrics to our favorite movies because we just adored anything that had to do with Disney. I think creating these movies in a life-action form will be more interesting than anything else. It’ll be a different perspective on a classic, so its really just a take it or leave it type of situation. Am I attached to the 1998 version of Mulan? Without question. But I’m definitely interested in the live-action recreation of it, and if they can pull it off well I’m sure it’ll be just as great as the original, in it’s own unique way of course.” – Jaide Soto, 16. 

I love the nostalgia.

“I love it! It allows me to see the movies I’ve grown up with come to life again. I think it also makes people who haven’t seen the originals want to watch them, bringing back the classic Disney (again, that I love). I am totally nostalgic as well, and going back and re-watching them has been a lot of fun.” Ana Mathews, 16.

“I was super excited when Disney announced live-action remakes for Mulan and Beauty and the Beast. Seeing the characters I admired as a little girl being played by actual, real life people takes me back to the magic I experienced as a five year old. Though I’d love for Disney to make some new content, I’m really looking forward to the live-action remakes!” – Catherine Olsen, 17

If you didn’t grow up loving Disney, you’re pretty indifferent. 

“I guess I don’t really feel anything special about this. I’ve never really been into all the classical Disney cartoons, even as a child. I don’t feeling overly excited about it really. It’s just like every other movie/live-action thing to me.” – Avianne Robinson, 16.

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