This teen absolutely rocked her mom’s prom dress because the ’90s are back and better than ever

There’s a reason we’re all still pretty obsessed with ’90s fashion. There’s something about the cuts and the glitter that can be really timeless. Watching fashion trends, you can see it’s back in a big way everywhere. Whether it’s crop tops, chokers, or even a Lisa Frank revival, the truth is we really can’t quit the ’90s! This adorable mother-daughter fashion story is just further proof of that. A teen recently wore her mom’s prom dress to her own prom, and the side-by-side photos are amazing.

They both look so beautiful in the same exact dress, 22 years apart.

According to The Huffington Post teen Ally Johnson needed a dress for prom. When a dress she ordered online didn’t work out, she had an idea. In the past her mom had offered to let her wear her own dress from senior prom in 1995, but Ally had never been into the idea. And we totally get it! We love our moms but sometimes when they suggest we do something fashion wise it almost feels like you have to go against, even if it is a cool idea.

However, this all changed when Ally put on the dress in 2017, and totally fell in love.

Ally of course attended senior prom in style, just like her mom had done over twenty years ago.

They both look incredible and if the smiles are any indication, had an awesome time. Ally even told The Huffington Post that she wants to make this a tradition with her daughter.

She explained, "I feel like I started a tradition. I’m going to hold onto this dress and hopefully my daughter will be willing to wear it to her senior prom.

We will, of course, have to wait and see. But we seriously hope that this family tradition keeps going!