Meet the teen who is responding to anti-gay protests in the best way

Makaila Ragan is your average teen, living in Tillamook, Oregon. But last week, Makaila noticed something she didn’t like at all: A group of anti-gay protesters had set up on a street corner outside of her mom’s office. So the 16-year-old student decided to counter their message of hate with her own message of love.

Makaila set up right next to the protesters with a sign that read “I <3 Gays,” and has started an awesome movement in her hometown as a result. “I was so irritated because I see them all around town and all they ever do is make people feel like crap about themselves,” she explained to the Tillamook County Pioneer

Despite the anti-gay protesters trying to drive her away with cruel insults, she stood strong. And before she knew it, others were joining her, including a few local pastors who stood up to the men who had been insulting Makaila and the LGBT community.

“More people started showing up with signs, and then people started bringing food. One lady brought flowers and another man gave us money and told us to all go buy drinks or something…It was nice getting all that support from people from all over.”

Although the protest ended that night, the momentum Makaila started has been turned into a Facebook page called Tillamook for Love, where Makaila and others are working to organize more demonstrations. They are also raising money to start more campaigns and participate in parades around the country, and have already raised over $200.

We are super proud and excited about Makaila’s stand, and how her community has rallied to support her cause! Keep it up, Makaila!

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