This teen was born when her parents were in high school, and her touching re-creation of her mom’s graduation photo is going viral

A California teen re-created a photo from her mother’s high-school graduation, and it’s probably the most touching thing you’ll see today.

Madeleine Tarin, 18, was a toddler when her mother graduated from high school in 2000. The family posed for a photo on her mom’s graduation day, with 1-year-old Madeleine perched on her father’s shoulders.

Fast forward to 2017, when Madeleine herself graduated from Chino Hills High School, and the family re-created the photo with a much-larger Madeleine sitting on her dad’s shoulders.

“The picture to me symbolized my family’s accomplishments, and that my parents beat the statistics,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Tarin told Buzzfeed that her parents were in high school when they first became a couple. Her mom became pregnant at 15, having Madeleine at 16. With the support of Madeleine’s “amazing grandparents,” her parents were able to stay in school, and went on to get married when they were 23 and 25 years old. The couple saved and bought their first home, and had two more children.

"My parents are very successful now," Madeleine said. "They did everything right in my eyes."

Tarin is headed to Rider University in the fall, where she’ll play Division 1 soccer on an athletic and academic scholarship.

She says she’s proud of all her family has overcome and achieved.

"The picture to me symbolized my family's accomplishments, and that my parents beat the statistics," she said.