Your phone will soon track your period for you

This week, Apple announced all of the new features that will be available on the upcoming iOS 9, which debuts this fall. Many of the exciting upgrades will be built-in: Siri took some communication classes and should be smarter than ever, the Notes app will allow you to doodle (just like you do on your U.S. History notes), and the News app got a redesign that Apple calls “elegant” and “uncluttered.”

But all of those fancy shmancy features pale in comparison to what’s happening to the Health app. Get this: as of fall 2015, your iOS devices will be able to TRACK YOUR PERIOD.

Throw your tampons in the air like you just don’t care! This is such awesome news. The Health app already has the ability to track your water intake, your mileage, your pulse, your sleep… the power to track one’s menstrual cycle was leaving a huge gaping hole on that list. Aunt Flo plays a major factor in women’s health and seriously affects how we feel on a day-to-day basis, just as much as how many glasses of H20 we chug.
When the Health app came out last year, tons of people pointed out that Apple was ignoring women’s health by omitting a period-tracking feature. Tech Crunch made an interesting and important observation: Only 30% of Apple’s employee’s are women. That means that only 30% of Apple’s ideas are coming from ladies – that’s way less than half. No wonder ovulation didn’t make it onto the original version.

Sure, there are other downloadable apps that can help you track your time of the month, but it’s important that women’s health is considered part of the definition of public health.

Thank you, Apple, for including my uterus in this new (long overdue) version of Health.

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