The earnest reason why this teenager showed up to his niece’s birth in a suit will make your heart explode with admiration and laughter

The list of things that are good in this rough and sometimes miserable world of ours includes mostly puppies and kitties and babies, and the story of this baby’s birth is honestly bringing tears to our eyes — and also making us LOL.

Basically, Twitter user Iris Kessler shared the story of her niece’s birth, and her brother, who showed up to his niece’s birth in a suit.

Yeah, he’s definitely getting uncle of the year.

The story instantly went viral, getting nearly 90k RTs and making people all over the world smile — us included. More tweets like this, you guys! So what’s behind this bizarre, and yet so soft and pure, tale?

Here’s the deal: sometimes aka ALWAYS, newborn babies are just SO CUTE and pure and good…

…that they inspire you to wear a suit. Or, like, to look your best, because they deserve to be welcomed into a world loaded with respect and enthusiasm and honor.

As a result, this guy showed up to his niece’s birth in a suit — because “first impressions matter.”

And it was absolutely precious, like ridiculously so, to the point that we teared up just a little bit reading this story.

So there you have it: This uncle showed up to his niece’s birth in a suit, and it gave us all the feels. We want more super sweet stories like this in 2016, please!!!

H/T Buzzfeed UK 

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