What you need to know before the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season six premiere

Holy Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars left us in a serious lurch when its fifth season ended in March—these past two months of waiting for the next episodes have been torture! The show’s creator, Marlene King, has promised that we are in for a “Summer of Answers,” that starts tomorrow with the season six premiere. Here’s what you need to know to best prepare yourself for what’s bound to be a wicked ride back into the PLL-verse. (Spoilers for season five ahead!)

1. The Girls Are Still Trapped

Last season’s finale showed Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily waking up in A’s terrifying life-sized dollhouse, where each of them have a carbon copy of their childhood bedrooms. A tries control them with directions left in a creepy plastic mailbox in “the playroom” and a super sickening alarm-punishment system, but the girls make a run for it. According to the two sneak peeks released by ABC Family, season six will start where we left off, right after the Liar’s failed attempt to escape.

2. Mona’s Back From the Dead

After seeing Mona’s lifeless body wrapped in a carpet in the trunk of a car last season, it was safe to assume the spunky villain-turned-good-girl had officially kicked the bucket. But nothing is ever as it seems in Rosewood, and apparently Mona faked her own death to get Ali blamed for her murder. She’s also a prisoner in A’s dollhouse, forced to pretend to be A’s “favorite,” Alison—blonde hair and infamous yellow top included. Much creepy, mas heebie jeebies.

3. Keep Your Lights On

Multiple cast members have teased that this will be PLL’s darkest season yet. If things can get worse than a life-sized dollhouse run by a faceless psychopath, maybe consider watching the in brightest room in your house … with all the doors locked.

4. A Has a Name

And that name is Charles. Even while running for her life (in heels), Spencer manages to find clues in the dollhouse, including blocks that spell out “Charles” and an ominous video of Mrs. DiLaurentis telling two little boys to say goodbye their sister, presumably Ali. Does this mean A is Jason and Ali’s brother and Spencer and Melissa’s half-brother? If so, why the heck is he so ticked off at all of them? Tomorrow’s episode is called “Game On Charles,” so here’s hoping we get some answers, and quick.

5. The Police Know About A

Since Uber A stole the game from Mona in Radley, the Liars have been stopped time and again from reaching out to an adult about their tormentor (“stranger danger!!!”). Convinced she was about to spend the rest of her life in jail, Ali finally told Spencer’s parents that A is behind, well, everything, including their daughter’s disappearance. Nobody takes care of business like Peter and Veronica Hastings, so by the end of the finale, Toby, Tanner, and the rest of the Rosewood P.D. gang track down A’s van and find a room of his surveillance gear at the ol’ Campbell Farm. (Does this mean brainy hunk Andrew is working for the A Team?) It’s just a huge relief that A is now a wanted man, so knock on wood we’ll never have to see the Liars in orange jumpsuits again. Those outfits belong on a different t.v. show

Pretty Little Liars comes back tonight, Tuesday June 2nd at 8pm on ABC Family – eek!

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