This Teen Mom bravely announced that she’s seeking treatment for her mental health

In the United States alone, 1 in 5 adults deals with mental health issues every single year. That’s about 43.8 million people. Now, one Teen Mom from the MTV series Teen Mom, has expressed that she’s a part of this statistic and is inspiringly speaking out about her own struggles with mental health.

On Thursday, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell told MTV that she had entered a treatment facility. This occurred after several days of cryptic tweets from Lowell:

Her husband Tyler Baltierra also posted asking his followers to send support to his wife:

Then, on Wednesday, Catelynn announced on Instagram that she was traveling to Arizona for help, writing, “Arizona here I come… I can’t wait to be back to my normal self… this is for me and my family.. Novalee and Tyler I love you both very much!!!” Since then, she has stressed that she is not going to rehab for drug use treatment, but is instead working to look after her mental health.

Following the birth of her daughter Novalee, Teen Mom OGviewers witnessed Lowell struggle with depression and anxiety as she attended therapy sessions on the show. Though it’s only speculation, many believe that the 24-year-old is now seeking treatment to deal with postpartum depression, especially since she has been open about such struggles in the past.

Every year, around 950,000 women cope with postpartum depression (and those are just the self-reported cases). With that being said – though we do not know for sure if that’s what Lowell is dealing with – she is starting an important conversation while shining light on a condition that affects so many women.

Overall, we are sending nothing but positive vibes to Catelynn and we’re proud of her for taking care of herself so she can be the best mom and partner. Hopefully, she will inspire others who are struggling to do the same.

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