Jaden Smith just won prom with his kickass superhero get-up

Leave it to Jaden Smith to blow every other prom outfit from this year out of the water. The 16-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith attended prom this past weekend and he absolutely killed it with his outfit.

Jaden, who’s awesomely challenged gender norms in the past and gotten deep into philosophy on Twitter, wasn’t preoccupied with what other people were wearing and whether he’d fit in at prom. He’s a free-thinker and he proved it with his unbelievably rad, all-white superhero costume. The whole look was perfectly choreographed to evolve throughout the night.

His prom date and pal, Mecca Kalani, chronicled the whole thing on Instagram, and then the Internet proceeded to blow up. So what’s all the noise about? Pure awesomeness. See for yourself.

Jaden began by wearing your typical blazer, but underneath was a cape…

…that eventually took over:

Jaden is down with superheroes. He rocked a Batman costume to Kim and Kanye’s wedding just last year, and let’s be honest, his dad is pretty much a professional on-screen superhero. Still, this suit kind of stopped prom in its tracks, with students lining up for a photo op.

We’re absolutely all about J’s suit, and more than that, his confidence when it comes to expressing himself. Everyone should be able to wear what makes them feel awesome at prom—whether it’s a tux, a gown or a cape. Double thumbs up, Jaden!

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