OMG this teen’s record-setting foot trick almost hurts to watch

All our lives, we’ve been told that putting your best foot forward leads to success, but we’ve stumbled upon the most unusual exception to that rule. British teen Maxwell Day holds the world record for the largest external foot rotation.

In other words, he can turn his feet backwards further than anyone else on the planet, which is an awesome accomplishment.

But you will probably put a pause on celebrating Day’s anatomical achievement once you see it in action — it is legitimately painful to watch.

We thought Mandy Moore having a sperm tattoo on her foot was the most intriguing below-the-ankle event to take place in a while, but not even ink art inspired by a band’s shower habit can compare to Day’s particular brand of footwork.

It’s just…strange. This clip of Day turning his feet back to front is honestly so difficult to witness that you’ll probably need to take a few breaks to process it without cringing yourself into a face cramp (which is totally possible).

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According to the Guinness World Record, Day can rotate his feet 157 degrees, a feat (haha) he achieved in September 2015, months after he saw a poster of the previous record holder executing a foot twist at a Minecraft convention in London. As the site explains, his right foot is the record-holder, but his left foot isn’t far behind — it can rotate 143 degrees.

Talk about striking a pose that leaves you speechless. We need someone to explain how Day’s foot-turning doesn’t cause him any pain but has managed to leave us writhing in agony on the floor.