This teen hilariously nailed her extra credit question

When it comes to tests, there’s absolutely nothing better than knowing you know the answer—especially when the correct answer will earn you five extra credit points. So when one student was completely confident in her answer, she took the answer to a whole other hilarious level.

Daphne Chery, a chemistry teacher at a charter school, asked her students to “briefly explain electronegativity” for five points extra credit. And one of her students gave the most well-thought out, and for lack of a better word—epic—answer. Chery posted a picture of the answer on Instagram with the caption, “I try to encourage my students to think of associations from their lives that would help them understand the concepts they are learning better. Being that I only teach one period, I’m able to really come up with fun activities and lesson plans that will help them like chemistry more. But this answer is by far the most creative one I’ve read yet!!!”

The unnamed student is referring to Trey’s 2014 song “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” The lyrics perfectly describe the concept of electronegativity, which is why Chery gave the student all five points of the extra credit, with an additional “LOL” written at the top. In red, of course (because teachers).

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