This teen had Ryan Reynolds’ name tattooed in the most unusual place

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done to show how much you loved a celeb? On second thought, maybe it’s way too embarrassing to share, so we understand wanting to take that one to your grave. However, this teen who has a butt tattoo of Ryan Reynolds’ name has absolutely no shame in wanting some unexpected ink, perhaps because there’s a strange/odd/cool depending-on-who-you-ask backstory that led to this unusually placed work of art.

According to Us Weekly, the tatted teenager in question is an 18-year-old Deadpool superfan from Florida named Dustin who tweeted the Golden Globes nominee on March 5, “@VancityReynolds if you like this i’ll tattoo your name on my butt.”

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After Reynolds obliged by hitting the like button, Dustin opted to go with a black and red color scheme in honor of the Marvel superhero. Apparently, he’s a man of his word because he sent Reynolds a tweet containing the picture of the finished tat on Sunday, March 26, writing, “Your wish is my command.” false

Now, that is some wild stuff, you guys. We’re not sure what to say. At least it’s not misspelled, right? Hopefully, Reynolds is supremely flattered by this bold, permanent gesture. Maybe we’ll see a selfie of the pair pop up online, like the photo of Jessica Alba and the cop with her face tattooed on his arm. Then again, given the placement of this tat, that’s probably not gonna happen.

While we’re not holding out for a side-by-side of Ryan Reynolds selfie with a fan’s bare belfie, the good thing about Dustin’s extreme show of fandom is that he doesn’t regret it — at least not yet. false

The die-hard Deadpool fan told BuzzFeed that while he might experience a bit of tattoo remorse in the future, he’s cool with having “a funny story to tell.”

Yeah…and don’t forget the photo evidence, Dustin, because without it, we’d find this story extremely hard to believe.