Here’s the amazingness that happens when teens swap clothes with their grandparents

They say that to really understand someone, you should walk a mile in her shoes. Well, these teens and their grandparents did not stop at just shoes. They took things even further, completely swapping wardrobes at the request of artist Qozop, who put together a photo series that illustrated the generational and cultural divide in Singapore, his home country. Buzzfeed highlighted Qozop’s work and the results are amazing (we absolutely love these teens and their grandparents for participating in the project!).

What did Qozop do? He had the older and younger generations do a little wardrobe switcheroo. The resulting photos are both charming and totally thought provoking.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Qozop explained his inspiration for the project. “I came to the realization that although Singapore, and much of Asia, have become westernized to a large degree, it is still possible to witness its generational and cultural divides through the clothes that we wear.”

The project has been such a success that Qozop is even thinking about taking it overseas (America, please!). 

The series highlights not just generational differences, but family similarities as well. While most of the participants posed side-by-side and looking straight ahead, expressionless, some of the participating families posed with a little more personality, which we can only assume is a genetic thing.

Qozop put his own gene pool in the mix, turning to his family as subjects for the project. When asked which picture in the series was his personal favorite, he said, “If I really had to pick one, my favorite image would be the grandma with the lady in a blue dress standing by the window. Only because that is my grandma in the picture!” That’s kind of (totally) adorable.

Now don’t just write the project off as adorableness or an Internet fads. Qozop hopes the overall takeaway is something a little more meaningful. “I hope that what people take away from my project is not just a lesson in fashion, but rather one in the understanding of self,” he told BuzzFeed.

Check out the rest of the fab images on Buzzfeed. They’re worth a thorough peruse.

Images vis BuzzFeed.