Teen girl goes viral with challenge celebrating artists of color

Cartoonists have been using a popular new hashtag of #stylechallenge to see if they can transform their creations into all sorts of specific styles.

Basically, the idea is to draw a series of self-portraits of yourself in different cartoon styles.

The amount of creativity many of these artists have already shown is breathtaking.

Though the challenge is open to all artists, artists of color have been making gorgeous use of the hashtags and reinventing themselves as characters in their favorite cartoons (like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, etc).




It’s thrilling to see these artists of color delightful take their favorite cartoons and use this fan art Instagram challenge to make the style of these shows more inclusive.



It’s also exciting to see these artists celebrate inclusive cartoons that have inspired and influenced them, like The Boondocks and The Proud Family.




We are inspired times ten gazillion by these A+ artists. It’d be awesome to see if this amazing challenge and the incredible artists participating could make a change in the world of cartoons by making them fantastically inclusive as this Insta challenge.


Well done, Autumn (and all the other spectacular people involved)!

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