This teen completely freaked out after attempting the #100LayersOfClothing challenge, and we feel for her

You’ve seen the #100Layers challenges floating around social media. From YouTube to Snapchat and Instagram, people across the globe have been posting their own attempts to outdo each other — piling on layer after layer of some of the most outrageous things, from makeup, to food, and now clothing.

One teen took on the #100LayersOfClothing challenge and found herself in over her head.

Andrea, or @_andreeaa3 on Twitter, challenged herself to put on 100 layers of clothing (literally), but once all was said and done, she realized the challenge completely prevented any arm mobility. She couldn’t take the clothes off, and poor Andrea grew increasingly overwhelmed and upset.

Making matters worse, Andrea was home alone when she decided to take on the challenge — so she was completely helpless and unable to remove any of the layers of clothing that she had put on her body! While she is laughing about it now, Andrea understandably panics in the video:

"I can’t do this... I can’t take ‘em off. I can’t take ‘em off. Oh my god. Oh my god."

Luckily, two of her friends were able to come over and help her to remove the seemingly endless articles of clothing. It may seem like fun and games, but safety concerns are real when it comes to these viral online challenges. As much as you might want to participate, it’s probably in your best interest to sit this one out if it compromises your own safety.