A teen’s discarded summer bucket list is going viral, and it’s packed with some pretty OMG, LOL! activities

Summer as a teenager has a different meaning than it does as an adult. When you’re still in high school, those three-month interims between academic calendars seem like a trove of possibility, but it’s important to make sure to create a guide for just how much possibility you want to take advantage of, which is exactly what one teen did with a summer bucket list that’s gone viral.

Setting achievable goals is a great way to boost confidence, but we’re not sure if that’s what the goal here is. Like most teens’ goals, these bucket list items are more centered around hooking up than reaching a higher spiritual plane. Kids these days!

The whole list is actually *so* funny though, and also a little bit cringe-y


The entire “Summer Bucket List 2017” has 41 items on it, and they range from “go to a party” and “have sex” (oh, high school) to “eat cotton candy” and “fix home screen.” According to the list’s original poster, it was left in an Urban Outfitters dressing room, so some teen is out there right now like:

Luckily, they can easily find it on Twitter to refresh their memory of what was on the list.

Bucket lists are typically pretty outrageous (they’re called that as a response to the question: what do you want to do before you kick the bucket, aka die), and they’re filled with one’s wildest dreams. So the fact that such mundane activities are on this list is pretty great.

The specificity of the list is also pretty fantastic. Like item number 6: “8 hoe pics for Instagram,” and number 4: “Give 2 blow jobs.” Also, “Get crossfaded 17 times.” Whoa.

This teen is ambitious!

Twitter users set to the task of guessing the list author’s age. Of course, the use of markers and the word “artsy” suggest that it’s a teen, and actress Mara Wilson weighed in with her opinion.

Others found it hard to believe that a teen expected to get all of this stuff done in ONE SUMMER!

Really, the ambition is inspirational.


While we don’t condone drinking or using drugs underage — by themselves, or separately (we’re looking at “Get crossfaded 17 times”) — we do appreciate a little humor and nostalgia for a time when getting through a bunch of “firsts” in one summer felt like an important thing to do.

Good luck finding that giraffe to pet, whoever wrote this list!