This teen designed her own prom dress for $15, and she could have easily worn it to the Met Gala

When you think about it, preparing for prom is like preparing for your wedding lite. You try out multiple hairstyles and makeup looks. You figure out what color scheme you and your date will wear, and you have your dress picked out months in advance. But one teen made her prom dress the night before, and she seriously could have worn her homemade dress to the Met Gala — or her future wedding!

Shami Oshun is a 17-year-old fashion designer from California who recently released her Spring/Summer 2017 collection in March. But because she’s been so busy being a teenaged fashion designer, Oshun didn’t really have time to think about prom! Totally understandable, right?

According to HuffPost, Oshun’s friend convinced her to buy a ticket the day before prom, and that night Oshun got crafty.

Taking a dress that she already owned, and $15 worth of purple tulle, she started working her magic.

Oshun kept her friends up-to-date on the process via Twitter and claimed she had no idea what she was doing. But come on, Shami! You’re a fashion prodigy!

She changed up the style of the dress a few times and experimented with necklines.

And then her friends and Twitter followers caught wind of the flowers being attached to the bottom of the skirt. That’s when everyone knew that Oshun wasn’t messing around here!

Even the tragedy of a broken sewing machine couldn’t thwart Oshun’s creative drive. She got out her sewing needle and hand-stitched her way to the end, finishing hours before prom began.

Finally, we saw the finished product and nearly fainted.

But just like the final dance at the high school prom, all good things must come to an end. The tulle on Oshun’s dress couldn’t adequately support the flower appliqués at the hemline. With the help of her friend, Oshun chopped the bottom of her skirt off in the bathroom mid-prom.

She told HuffPost that she checked her skirt into the coat check and brought it home with her to use in other projects. What one may call a flaw in the design, we call a quick change!

Oshun’s Twitter thread got a lot of traction, and many were invested in her creative process. She’s certainly inspired us to think outside the box — thanks to her, we’re about to upcycle every piece of clothing in our closet!

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