This teen was kicked out of her classes for dyeing her hair red

You’d think schools would always put education first, but unfortunately, it turns out that’s not the case for Ivybridge Community College in Devon, England. The school kicked a teen girl out of her classes. . . for dyeing her hair a muted, dark red. We’ve heard about administrators having problems with hair dyed more out-there colors, like purple. But red?!

Plymouth Herald reported yesterday that Leah Thomas, 16, dyed her locks a lovely shade of red, but she had no idea that it would ultimately get her kicked out of her classes. “She dyed her hair two weeks ago and my wife and I didn’t think of it as being an issue,” her father, Owen Thomas, told the Herald. “It’s not loud, or garish. It’s just a dark shade of red.” Yup, looks totally normal to us. false

However, last week, the school asked her to tie it up. “That wasn’t a problem,” Owen explained. “But this morning, I got a call from her head of year saying Leah had been put in isolation and taken out of her classes.” false

The reason? Because her hair was considered a breach of school policy, and the administration felt that Leah was “setting a bad example” for her classmates. “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Owen told the Herald. “She’s a good kid and has never been involved in anything like this before. She only has a few weeks left until she does her exams, and the school seem[s] quite happy to let her miss lessons and put her education at risk.”

The only way Leah can continue attending school is if she returned her hair to its original color. Said deputy principal Gill Taylor in a statement to the Herald:

Her dad is totally fighting her cause, though, because he believes that students should be able to express themselves at school. “If a pupil is happy at school, they’re going to learn better,” he said. “The school [has] made an example of Leah simply for being herself. I don’t think anyone should be made uncomfortable for how they look.”

Leah acquiescd to the rules and dyed her hair back to normal so that she wouldn’t compromise her education before her exams. We can only hope this school changes its outdated rules, because we think the ~ bigger ~ distraction here has been all the fuss this caused.

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