We’re low-key obsessed with this beauty trend everyone was rocking at the Teen Choice Awards

We’re always happy when Teen Choice Awards season comes around. It’s a night to celebrate teens (which is always a good thing) and we get to see our favorite celebs from TV and movies earn some hard-earned recognition. And last night’s show was no exception. Serayah performed live for the first time, Justin Timberlake was awesome in all kinds of ways, and Victoria Justice challenged John Cena to a wrestling match (you had to be there).

It was also a great evening for fashion. In particular, we fell in love with the messy braids we saw on everyone from Kat Graham to Shay Mitchell to Victoria Justice. Each star wore her braid a little differently, making it her own, and we were so down for it.

The hiding-in-plain-site braid


Shay’s messy peekaboo braid was only visible from the back of her hair. She wore her hair up in a high twist, and decorated a braid in the back with metal rings for a classy, fun look. WANT.

Serious mermaid vibes


Kat’s layered mermaid braids were so intricate and captivating that we couldn’t look away.They were beachy and perfect for a summery vibe.

Wear that crown, qweeeeeen!


And Victoria’s hairstyle was a crown braid with a subtle pink tint, which can easily be replicated simply by creating a braid on the side of your face and then pinning that across the top of your head like a headband. Add some hair chalk or temporary hair dye, and voila! Your own hair is your secret weapon.

We loved seeing these ladies on the red carpet last night showing off their gorgeous locks and celebrating all the hard work they’ve done this year!

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