Hero teen brings actual record player to his physics exam so he can listen to music without a phone

Way back in the day, kids tried to cheat on tests using their calculators (or they just wrote answers on their arm and hoped for the best). And we can imagine it’s all a lot easier to do these days with the use of smartphones…which is exactly why phones are now banned from most exam rooms.

And it’s also why one precocious high schooler brought an actual record player to a final exam. That’s right…a record player!

Physics teacher Eric Saueracker banned phones from a physics midterm at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver, so a student who likes to listen to music while he solves math problems decided to take matters into his own hands. He came to the exam with a portable record player (that thankfully was headphone compatible) and proceeded to listen to Kanye West’s College Dropout album while taking the test.

So Saueracker did what any teacher in 2018 would do. He took a photo of the unprecedented situation and tweeted it to his followers.

By the way, the album wasn’t any sort of indicator of how the student did. The kid, named Wyatt Prutch, got an A.

A Kanye West podcast was so inspired by Prutch that they offered him a copy of their upcoming Yeezus book. false

This is officially one of the quirkiest stories we’ve heard in a long time, and we’re here for it. Wyatt, you do whatever you need to do in order to keep acing those exams. And Mr. Saueracker — please keep us updated with pics.

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