This amazing teen artist is perfectly reimagining Disney’s animated animal stars as humans

Got a few minutes for one more Disney reimagining? Hope so, because you’re going to fall completely in love with this artist’s newest series. She’s not taking Disney princesses and changing up their appearance, but rather, taking Disney animals and imagining them as humans. Haven’t you ever wondered what Simba would look like as a real boy?

Alaina (DeviantArt name: s0alaina) is a college sophomore in Utah, who dreams of growing up and working at an animation company. No time like the present to start, huh? Seeing the recent trend of reimagined Disney princesses, she decided to try her hand at it, too — but with a twist. Her favorite reimaginings have been the animals-to-humans ones, and soon began to realize that with other artists’ versions, “there was a loss of key features of the characters that made them less recognizable,” she explained to Seventeen.

So why not reimagine them herself? Writing on BoredPanda, where she first shared her work, Alaina explains, she “decided to draw them in the styles of their movies, and keep consistent shape language and features to interpret the character in a more thorough and believable way.”

Her results are pretty amazing. Her new humanized characters most certainly still channel their original animated counterpart. Here she’s got adult Simba and Nala, and while she kept them in the theme of The Lion King, she writes that she used a “bit of inspirational flair from the [Lion King] musical.”

Lion King: Humanized! by s0alaina on DeviantArt

Keeping with the jungle theme, we’ve got Tantor the elephant and Terk the gorilla fro Tarzan, and Terk kinda looks like Cookie from Empire, RIGHT??

Tarzan: Humanized! by s0alaina on DeviantArt

One Disney movie that doesn’t get enough love is Bolt. Alaina has given it some love here, and turned the cat Mittens and our hero-dog Bolt into teenagers. LOVE that Mittens is still wearing mittens on her hand, and Bolt’s got some lightning in his hair.

Bolt: Humanized! by s0alaina on DeviantArt

Lastly, Alaina has collected all the Disney horses and turned them human. We’ve got Samson from Sleeping Beauty, Pegasus from Hercules, Frou Frou from The Aristocats, and Khan from Mulan.

Disney Horses: Humanized! by s0alaina on DeviantArt

You can check out the rest of Alaina’s artwork over on her DeviantArt page, and we’re going to keep watching what she’s drawing.

(Image via DeviantArt.)

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