This teen was almost banned from a flight for being too pale

Edward Cullen would not be happy to hear about this. Fourteen-year-old Scottish redhead Grace Wain was excitedly boarding her flight to the Maldives with the rest of her family when she was stopped by the agents of Etihad Airways. The reason? They were worried about her “pale skin,” claiming she might be sick. Uhh…

Grace was, rightfully, flummoxed. That “sickly” paleness? It’s just how she looks (and that’s totally, 100% okay and healthy!), but no matter how many times she or her family explained this to the airline, they insisted that she needed to be evaluated by medics before she could get on the flight. On top of that, they required a doctor’s note that said she was okay to fly.

Here’s the airline’s official statement:

That’s all well and good, but was a serious bummer for Grace’s family. “It is a once-in-a-lifetime event and someone was telling us we weren’t going anywhere,” Grace’s mom, Sheena, told The Daily Record. “We just stared at each other in amazement that we were not getting on this holiday and then the kids started crying.”

The letter from Grace’s pediatrician arrived just in time, detailing that her doctor knew no reason why she should not be allowed to fly. They were finally allowed to board and made it safely to the Maldives…but guess what? Aside from the whole ordeal at check-in, when they arrived they discovered that the airline misplaced their bags. Hopefully a vacation in the sun will make up for the hassle of getting there, and their newly-rosy cheeks will ward off any concern at the airport when it’s time to depart. But, you know what? Even if those cheeks stay their naturally light shade, hopefully Grace and her family will be allowed to board with no problems.

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