Teddy’s subtle gesture at the end of the “Westworld” premiere will low-key blow your mind

If you have yet to check out HBO’s latest hit Westworld, then do yourself a favor and get caught up now (FYI, they are streaming the premiere for free on HBO’s site here right now.) It’s okay, we’ll wait.


Now, if you HAVE watched the pilot, then you know there is ALL KINDS of incredibly mysterious stuff happening in this robot theme park gone wild. There are also lots of questions circling just about everyone and everything on the show, too.


While we saw Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) kind of ~break bad~ by actually killing a living thing (which the hosts are NOT supposed to do), there was some other subtly interesting things happening with other Hosts, too.

Like with Ken Doll come-to-life, Teddy.


Here’s what we mean.

We saw Teddy “wake up” on the train coming into town a number of times.


The first time, we were fooled into thinking he was a Newcomer (human), though obviously that turned out to be false.

But check out what he does HERE when he wakes up on the train near the end of the episode.


DID YOU SEE THAT? He grabs his chest – and DO YOU REMEMBER what happened the day before to Teddy?


This means Teddy is remembering events (or at least this one thing from the day before), which he is definitely NOT supposed to.

Because, you know, the Hosts are meant to be reset each day (or week, however long these storyline cycles last). Crazy eerie, right?! This detail was first noticed by Imgur use MedianNMean and it makes us seriously think, “WEIRD, but cool.” Because we don’t know how or why Teddy, Dolores, and the other Hosts are changing. However, it seems likely that it’s related to the “reveries” that Dr. Ford recently updated into their operating systems. OR maybe it’s something (or someone) else entirely who is behind this? Either way, hopefully we’ll have some kind of answers soon.

Waiting for next Sunday like…

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