You must hear this porcupine adorably yell at someone for trying to steal his food

“Teddy Bear” is a porcupine who loves his food. He loves it so much, in fact, that if you try and take it from him, he will reprimand you with the cutest noises you’ve ever heard.

In a recent video posted by YouTuber Zooniversity1, we get to see (and hear) just how cute this little guy is while eating some corn on the cob. Spoiler alert: It’s way more charming than a typical human eating the delicious summer veggie.


Teddy (or perhaps he prefers Mr. Bear) happily takes the treat from the kind handler on camera. After that, his only focus is finishing the food in a timely manner. He uses his one large front tooth (which probably will have corn stuck in it because that’s the only drawback of corn on the cob) and starts to go to town. Like most of us, he makes a little bit of a mess on his face as he eats it. And, also like most of us, he doesn’t like the idea of someone taking away his food.

The handler begins talking to Teddy and asking if she can get the food back. And Teddy lets her know with the cutest little squeaks and squeals you’ve ever heard that he is not having it. He even takes a moment mid-chew to let the person know this is his food and he’s not giving it back with some very effective (and totally adorable) little noses (which at one point legit sound like he’s saying “Back up”).


If you’ve never heard a porcupine speak, this is your opportunity to hear one communicate his needs very clearly. The whole video is as short and sweet as his noises, and is well worth the several times you’ll inevitably watch it.