This teddy bear kitten — yes, you read that right — is so fluffy we can hardly stand it

When we’re stressed, we always turn to one major form of cuteness: fluffy Instagram-famous cats. And this teddy bear kitten honestly takes the cake. We’re freaking out about how precious this little one is! We must, must, must have one, especially since we’re in for such a cold winter. We just wanna kiss kitty faces forevermore.

If you’re sad, get ready to cheer right up. This is the fluffiest form of happiness we’ve ever stumbled upon!

Meet Oscar, a British shorthair cat in Seattle, Washington.

Now, this cat is NONSENSE LEVELS OF CUTE. If you don’t need another reason to obsess over cats, look away!

Just look at that teensy tiny face. Oh, our hearts can honestly not stand this.


Oscar may be a shorthair, but he’s otherwise known as a teddy bear kitten. Why? Because this little buddy is fluffy as heck.

So. Much. Fluff.

He loves to play and dress up.

And we love that he loves to dress up.

The ultimate in fluff.

Oh, we heart this teddy bear kitten so much! We just wanna cuddle him forever and ever.