8 very cool tech gifts for the gadget-obsessed member of your squad

We all have one friend that knows everything tech. They do *so* much for us, from keeping us up-to-date on the latest technology trends to helping us figure out WTF is wrong with our laptop. So this holiday season, why not celebrate their ~mad tech skills~ with their favorite thing: tech gifts! These gifts for tech lovers, from super fashionable tech gifts to incredibly handy tech accessories, will definitely build on their collection.

The best part is that these tech gifts are actually pretty affordable, because, well, loving our friends doesn’t necessarily mean we can afford to get them all the devices they deserve, sadly! But we can at least supplement their love with these adorable surprises that honor their passions, and help them announce to the world that they’re truly gadget-obsessed.

1These Dual Side Keyboard Ctrl Alt Del Cushion Covers are so edgy, and so functional ($60)

2This Christmas Candy Cane Keyboard Wrist Rest is festive AF, and it’ll really help your wrists out ($30)

3This Geometric Decal Laptop Sticker  is totally affordable, and we love how subtly chic this is ($16)

4This “Offline” Sleep Mask is a less subtle reminder to your friends that sometimes you need a break from the tech questions ($18)


5This “Have You Tried Shutting It Off & Turning It Back On Again?” Magnet is ridiculously us ($5)

6This totally gorgeous Wooden iPhone Docking Station is so grown up ($120)

7This Leather Cord Organizer Cable Keeper is so, so smart ($5)

8This Circuit Board Canvas Tote Bag is so handy ($10)


Happy shopping!

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