Luke warns that the Jedi are OVER in the first teaser for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Things are not looking good for the Jedi Order — or at least what’s left of them. And right now, that appears to be only Luke Skywalker and his daughter new padawan Rey.

The first teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here, and clocking in at a little over two minutes, you’re going to run the whole gamut of emotions. Happiness, sadness, fear, distress, crying, excitement, and love (love for BB-8, obviously). It’s also going to make you hella worried, because while Luke might have been AWOL from his Jedi roots for a while, he knows one thing is for certain: If they’re not already done now, the Jedi need to be done. 

Talk about an uplifting pep talk.

Luke’s warning that the Jedi are goners, but the way Rey handles a lightsaber seems to suggest otherwise. She is most definitely studying at the Jedi School of Master Luke Skywalker, located on his super-secure island in the middle of the ocean. She also appears to be much better student than he ever was, but then again, Luke dropped out of Master Yoda’s course. Just saying.

The trailer also includes quick shots of everyone’s favorite droid, BB-8, along with quick moments with all our returning favorites: Finn, Poe, and a heavily-scarred Kylo Ren.

The trailer raises more questions than it has answers, but right now we’re only going to focus on one: IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?

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