Breathe a small sigh of relief, “Sherlock” Season 5 is already being teased

The Season 4 finale of Sherlock, “The Final Problem” sure felt like it was truly the final problem. The episode wrapped everything up nice and neat, while hinting at the fact that even if we’re not watching, our Baker Street Boys are still solving crimes, and arguing about silly things. Sherlock and John, BFFs 4 life.

Way before Season 4 even aired, the co-creators behind the series, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, started hinting that this might be the end of Sherlock. Watching “The Final Problem” we’re going to have to agree. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger (with Moriarty having snipers aimed at both Sherlock and John), Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger (that FALL, omg) , and Season 3 ended with a cliffhanger (Miss Me?). Season 4 ended with none of that. Just the idea that maybe Sherlock could continue in the future, but clearly, there are no definite plans right now.

If you’re freaking out, it’s okay. We’re all kinda freaking out, too. But maybe don’t freak out too much, because Sherlock Season 5 is already being teased. Phew.

The co-creators talked to a panel of critics last week in London, where Moffat mentioned that this might be the final season, but he doesn’t want it to be the final season:

“If this is the last time — and I’m not planning on it to be, but it might be — it is possible that we could end it [with this episode.]" He explained. “We couldn’t have ended [the show] on any of the previous series because there was what have been great cliffhangers.

Gatiss echoed this same sentiment, adding, “It may be the final problem, you never know.”  They’re also willing to make more if everything falls into place. And they also know exactly where we’d go from here. Sounds like Seasons 1-4 was just the wind up — IF they’re allowed to make Season 5.

"I think what has actually happened is we have now done the story of how the Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson that you’ve always known became those men," Gatiss continued. "It’s actually a backstory and we never intended it to be, but the reason to leave it at that place is that actually if we do come back — and we’d love to come back — then we could have it absolutely start with a knock on the door and Sherlock saying, ‘Do you want to come out and play?'"

That’s refreshing to hear and while it’s not a YES Sherlock is coming back, it’s also not a NO. Sounds like the people behind the series are willing, and ready, to keep it going…as long as BBC renews it for another season.

So, looking at you, BBC.